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Caravan canopy


Since 1979 we manufacture canopies for caravans. We use a very strong aluminium framework and a heavy 900 g/m² tarpaulin. This tarpaulin is 300cm in width, so it is seamless.



All supports are connected keder welded beneath the roof membrane. One of the most important details to watch out for and extremely important during storms and snow loads. When the tarpaulin is only screwed to the edge, it can tear and lose any tension.


Optimum light in the caravan by welded rooflights


Schall canopies are walk-on-able because of welded Keder beneath each support. Snow- and stormproof.

Because of this welded keder our canopies are complete walk-on-able. The tensioners are made of stainless steel.


Canopy with gutter on all four sides


Canopy in Tabbert creme

At front and rear side our end profile is used as rain gutter. In addition we can fit a continous rain gutter on all four sides.

Alle  Schutzdächer auch mit umlaufender Regenrinne!

Each canopy will be measured on site and is custom made. The canopy is pre-assembled in the factory (allows quick and easy on-site installation), and then mounted on the campsite by our qualified staff.

Schall - caravan canopies are available throughout Europe on numerous campsites. Our sales representatives are happy to advise on site or show you a Schall canopy.


Schutzdach mit umlaufender Regenrinne


Schutzdach für das Hobby Landhaus 

Technical data

  • Optimal protection in all weather conditions
  • No leakage
  • No disturbing noises (rain and hail)
  • Makrolon pedestals: impact resistant, weather-resistant, scratch-resistant, adapt to the caravan
  • Roof retracted by Keder in each aluminiium beam
  • Compare! Tarpaulin extremely strong (900 g / m²), 30% stronger than a truck tarpaulin
  • Fixtures made of stainless steel (V2A)
  • Canopy standard width 300 cm, but all measures possible
  • 25 different colors to choose from without extra charge
  • Anodised aluminum beams
  • Tension rods made of our awning profile 48 x 48 x 2 (also serving as gutters)
  • Dormer windows can remain open for better air circulation (prevents moisture)
  • Substantial improvement of the internal temperature (air buffer)
  • Smart investment to maintain the value of your caravan (better resale value)
  • 10 year warranty on the entire construction
  • a Schall caravan canopy can be removed without residue. No drilling or permanent damage to the caravan
  • Measurements on site


  • Light path through the hatches (no loss of light in the trailer) 125,-
  • Rain gutters (on all four sides) 25, - € / m + corners and joints
  • Fireplace implementing
  • Antenna Implementation
  • Cleaning of the caravan


Budget prices canopies

Our prices include on-site mounting. 

Length of caravan
(without drwbar)
Standard canopy Double canopy, up to 600 cm
360 – 424 cm 1.420,– Euro 3.130,– Euro
425 – 474 cm 1.520,– Euro 3.300,– Euro
475 – 524 cm 1.610,– Euro 3.480,– Euro
525 – 574 cm 1.690,– Euro 3.650,– Euro
575 – 624 cm 1.790,– Euro 3.870,– Euro
625 – 674 cm 1.860,– Euro 4.020,– Euro
675 – 724 cm 1.940,– Euro 4.200,– Euro
725 – 774 cm 2.070,– Euro 4.360,– Euro
775 – 824 cm 2.185,– Euro 4.590,– Euro
825 – 874 cm 2.295,– Euro 4.820,– Euro


Schall Camping GmbH

Manufacturer of exclusive awnings, canopies and pavilions for the permanent camper in TOP quality.